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President's Letter

Welcome to 2018,

The months have passed, and we are once again on the brink of a new season. The recent cold spell could be seen as a welcome reminder that Winter has been and is now gone and we can look forward to the lengthening days that come with Spring. 

The Committee has been rejuvenated by the addition of four new members. When so many Clubs and Associations find it hard to fill such roles, this is an encouraging development.

The fixture list is being expanded and reinforced and some fixtures that had fallen away are being reinstated. The Doc in his new role as Fixture Secretary has been very active and in addition has lined up a refreshed mid-week tour of Oxford. This despite the ructions involved in moving house. He will be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in taking part – or 07928 294293.

The fixtures are already available on the website - though some details remain to be filled in. Please make the effort to contact the match managers with your availability. Their role is vital but also onerous and is eased by having as many players as possible to choose from.

The Club remains strong – 160 members – and we have a good network that is constantly on the lookout for new players. The situation regarding overseas players in Devon this year has changed owing to Government immigration regulations, so that their availability may be more restricted. That remains to be seen. However, judging by the attendance at the Dinner, we continue to draw in new younger members who will maintain the club’s vitality and future.
I make no apologies for repeating what I said a year ago. The ethos of the Club has always been to play to a high standard but in an atmosphere of honest sportsmanship. Not playing within leagues and divisions allows us to avoid the problems that they can generate. We are free to play cricket in an open generous way, full of the exuberance that this wonderful game offers.

As the world careers onward in an apparently rudderless fashion, we can at least enjoy the small green lacuna at the eye of the storm that is a cricket pitch on a summer’s day.

Paul Berman
Devon Dumplings Cricket Club



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