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President's Letter

Welcome to 2019

Another season in sight for the Dumplings with all that that promises. The winter has been cold and wild but then so it should be. The lengthening days and occasional blue skies leave us pondering if this year can possibly be as hot and dry as last. We all remain optimistic.

Certainly the expanded fixture list offers the prospect of a full and entertaining season. The renewed fixture against the Royal Navy has a particularly resonant historic note. And the Oxford Tour may be even more enticing if plans for an expanded competition come to fruition.

As ever I would exhort all playing members to look at the fixture list and contact the match managers if they would like to play. We have endeavoured to ensure that the match fees are not onerous and there is the opportunity to play weekday cricket at lovely venues against interesting and challenging opponents. The fears that Government restrictions might limit the availability of overseas players proved unfounded so once again there is the chance to meet a wide variety of players from all over the world.

On a personal level I am exploring the joys of playing cricket in India by joining Worcestershire Seniors on a tour of Mumbai and Goa in February. Follow me if you will at “Cricket Bhaji” which is found at a link from my pottery website at

We are keen to maintain contact with all members but to do so we must have some form of agreement from you that we can retain your details in line with the new Data Protection Regulations. Please send Wendy Hardy a completed form if you have not already done so. The final cut-off date for this is 25th May.

Reading the 1952 Jubilee Book you appreciate that Devon Dumplings Cricket Club has a remarkable history but it also has the potential for a long and thriving future. Let us ensure that it does. Finally, to mark my 70th birthday on 12th June, I have arranged a cricket match at Exmouth CC to which all members are cordially invited. Details to follow with Spring letter.

Paul Berman
Devon Dumplings Cricket Club



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