Patrons of the Devon Dumplings


Mr N. Ashplant

Mr M.F. Barnes

Mr. P. Berman

Mr D.J. Blooman

Mr. D. W. T. Brough

Mr M.I.R. Bull

Mr J.M. Capper

Sir H.W. Farrington Bt

Mrs W. J. Hardy

Professor R. Hitchcock

Dr & Mrs. P.H.G. Jolliffe

Mr P. Langford

Mr. M. J. Maynard

Mr R.L. Persey

Mr C.M. Price

Mr R.G. Priestley

Brigadier J.P. Randle OBE. MC

Mr T. Read

Mr. G. D. A. Richardson

Mr D.M. Salter

Professor B.C. Smith

Mr R.C. Staddon

Mr J. Stanyer

Mr M.A. Sutton

Mr G. Tatham

Mr R. Tidball

Mr N.W. Tucker

Mr. D. L. N. Tuohey

Mr G.J. White

Mr B. Wilson

Professor A.A. Wragg

Mr. B.J. Youngs


The Club's thanks are given to the patrons who make it possible for young members to play in the Club, particualrly in the most important all-day matches.



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