Mr N. Ashplant  | Mr M.F. Barnes
 | Mr. P. Berman  | Mr D.J. Blooman
 | Mr. D. W. T. Brough  | Mr M.I.R. Bull
 | Mr J.M. Capper  | Sir H.W. Farrington Bt
 | Mrs W. J. Hardy  | Professor R. Hitchcock
 | Dr & Mrs. P.H.G. Jolliffe  | Mr P. Langford
 | Mr. M. J. Maynard  | Mr R.L. Persey
 | Mr C.M. Price  | Mr R.G. Priestley
 | Brigadier J.P. Randle OBE. MC  | Mr T. Read
 | Mr. G. D. A. Richardson  | Mr D.M. Salter
 | Professor B.C. Smith  | Mr R.C. Staddon
 | Mr J. Stanyer  | Mr M.A. Sutton
 | Mr G. Tatham  | Mr R. Tidball
 | Mr N.W. Tucker  | Mr. D. L. N. Tuohey
 | Mr G.J. White  | Mr B. Wilson
 | Professor A.A. Wragg  | Mr. B.J. Youngs
 | The Club's thanks are given to the Patrons who make it possible for young members to play in the Club, particularly in the most important all-day matches.